Friday, December 30, 2011

Creative Elements & Notably Ornate

Hi ladies,  I'm getting into gear for Valentines' day cards, but I need some new ones.  Can't wait to work them up!  Hope you like these two.  Just an idea of how you can change up the mood of the same stamp sets.  I like the blue and yellow combo.  Enjoy.  Carol Smith

Monday, December 26, 2011

Calendar, 2012

These next 3 entries are for the Calendar challenge for this week.  I hope you find them interesting and helpful.
As you know, I love topiaries!  SO, I made my weekly planner into a beautiful calendar book for in my purse, or nightstand! Inside follows:  This was just covered in paper from the Brights paper stack. (color of choice) and I used the Inspired by Nature daisy to make my topiary, using the antique brads for the seeds.  Add a few glittered butterflies from Summer Solstice.  I embossed the Live with passion stamp from the set also.  Pretty cute!  Picture is not justice, though.  Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith  :)

Calendar 2012

This is the inside of my day planner.  I have a different one for each month, this challenge is for the purpose of making new and different Calendars for 2012.
Hey, this is inside my calendar day planner.  I put a little birdie in the corner from Christmas Lodge, and stamped some snowflakes across the pages, and added a matching ribbon to mark which month I'm on.  Thanks, hope it inspires. Carol Smith:)

Calendar for challenge

This is my second project I made for this week's Calendar challenge
This is one of 2 projects I made for my challenge this week!  I had a new desk calendar, and made a simple sleeve for laying over the top of it.  Make a new one for each month, stamp messages, sayings, whatever pertains to that month on your calendar page, and make it personal to you!  The snowman is from the Snow Much Fun set, and I put a purple border punch across for January!  Hope you enjoy!  Carol Smith

Christmas Lodge

Some late comer cards that I may do next year- They are mounted on the new
lodge paper, and the frames have the silver smooch spray on them.  Add a bow, and they are ready.  Make up your own color combos.  Carol Smith

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas In Heaven

This is a poem I had give to me years ago, and it always seems to comfort me when I'm missing my loved ones past...  I loved the idea from Donna of the lacey tree, so I used hot glue to apply it, and glued some pearl beads onto it.  Then I embossed some snowflakes beside it, and rubbed some ink over top of that.  Mount it on some red paper, and put the border punches beside, and you're done!  A closeup of the Poem follows.  Carol Smith


Hopefully you will be able to read this...  Thanks for looking. Carol Smith

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Lodge

I love this set.  Even the smallest little stamp will make the set necessary to have.  It is sooo pretty.  The snow is something I picked up from a turorial, and then I put glitter on top of it.  Adds the special something to finish it off.  Love them.    See ya Later.  Carol Smith

Christmas Lodge

I love the way these look so vintage.  Beautiful!  Carol Smith

Christmas Lodge

These are looking neat when they are all together.  I think they are awesome for tags or even putting on a card front.  See ya later. Carol Smith

Merry & Type

I don't know why, but I like using pink this year for Christmas cards. So pretty.  See ya later.  Carol Smith

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bells & Boughs

These 2 cards my niece who lives in Canada ordered for sending out to her business associates.  She loves them, (I;m glad)! I embossed the poinsettias in pewter, and put glitter on the berries inside to add some sparkle!  Enjoy them, copy them, and send!  Thanks for looking-  See ya later.  Carol Smith

Neice's cards

This is an older stamp set I dug out but never really used much.  It worked out really nice.  Thanks for looking, see ya later. Carol Smith

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amber waves of Grain!

This card is just self-explanitory!  Just look at that gold powder sparkle!  Gorgeous!  See ya later. Carol Smith

Christmas Ornament

I think this card is so cute!  I found snowflake ribbon and knew I had to get it for something!  Well, it goes well with this ornament stamp I have, and a color coordinated background paper.  Not so much stampin 'up, except the pewter embossing powder, but I like it.  Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Lovely as a Tree

I am into the pewter embossing powder of late.  It makes everything look so rich.  These are so pretty.  Just put a piece of ribbon across catywampus, and put your tree off kilter too. Beautyful!!! Carol Smith
These are variations of the camel cards I made for church.  See ya later. Carol Smith

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful Season

Guess what!  Another Bird!  I have been in Christmas Card overdrive of late!  I've been slacking for a while, this month has just been extremely busy and challenging.  I have made over 100 Christmas cards so far this year, and I'm not done.  My neice, who lives in Canada, ordered some for her business, so I'm getting ready to send them.  They are absolutely gorgeous!!!  I can't wait to post them, as soon as she receives them.  I'm waiting for her response.  She's gonna love them!!!  See ya later.  Carol Smith

Beautiful Season

I made 20 of these to send out.  They're so pretty.  As you know, I Like Birds!!!  And so I kinda copied these, but gave them a little tweak here and there.  Carol Smith

Church Card

This card I made for giving out at church for Christmas... it's just like a big gift tag, the message is on the back.  Easier for passing out, or keeping in their Bibles.  I like camels.  This scene of the magi going to see Jesus is just Christmas to me.  Carol Smith

Church Christmas Cards

I made 40 of these!  I hope the church people like receiving them.  And I hope they glorify God...   Carol Smith

Language of Friendship

Isn't this cute?  I am always looking to make topiaries out of anything!  I just like the look of them.  I've got them all over my house.  Anyway, the flowers in this set were perfect for stacking into a tree>  the pot is just a scrap of trim.  Enjoy. Carol Smith

Hello Doily & Field Flowers

Just LOVE this big doily stamp.  It goes with ANY occassion or season.  See ya later.  Carol Smith

Sunday, November 13, 2011

stamps set

Kim, these 9 pictures are some of the best I have.  This one is gorgeous done in brown and white with a pewter embossed poinsettia.  But any of them can be done in any color.  Call me whenever, except Monday evening, or just facebook me. 

stamp set

stamp set

stamp set

stamp set

stamp set

stamp set

stamp set

stamp sets

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello Doily - sympathy card

So feminine and reverant, don't you think? And EASY!   See ya later, Carol Smith

Gently Falling

I love how elegant the pewter embossing powder makes cards...  so gorgeous!
See ya later, Carol Smith

Gently Falling-sympathy card

blue and silver look awesome together.  Carol Smith

thoughts & prayers

See, another empty card front ready for any occasion.  I do a lot of this, makes it faster to prepare one for someone.  Thanks for looking.  See ya later.  Carol Smith

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello, Doily!

Hi there,  I just LOVE this doily stamp-I thought the other doily set was pretty, but this one is awesome, especially when it's embossed.  I learned how to do this affect by first embossing the stamp, then get a color of your  choice and
sponge it over the doily from the outside edge in as far as you like, even use a couple of colors...I challenge you to try this and make some even more beautiful than this one.  Your imagination is limitless!  I dare ya!  See ya later, Carol Smith

Hello, doily

Add a little birthday cake, and you have another personality for your occasion.  I think it will surprise my mother-in-law.  thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Hello doily, perfectly penned

The feather is a nice touch, don't you think?  It adds texture!  See ya later, Carol Smith

Friday, September 30, 2011

Simply Soft & Summer Solstice

I LOVE the pewter embosing powder.  It's so shiny and just makes anything you use it on POP!  I also like to make the oblong cards.  This will make a beautiful Birthday card.  Thanks for looking.  See ya later. Carol Smith

Bells & Boughs

Starting to work on some Christmas cards today, since it's colder. I got the bug.
Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Bells & Boughs

Carol Smith

Snow Much Fun

Yesterday I made cards for Fall, and today, it got colder and i was in the mood for Christmas, so I got out my snowmen.  Thanks for visiting.  Carol Smith

snow much fun

Snow much fun

Thanks for looking!  See ya later.  Carol Smith

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gently Falling invitations

These are little invitations I created with the gently falling set.  I put the pewter embossing powder on the leaves, cut them out and put a brad through both.
The pewter powder just pops, and makes it elegant.  I used the background words from the hope stamp pack for the breast cancer  promotion.  All it needs to finish is a little string tied in a bow.  Cute!  Carol Smith

Gently falling, acorns

These little acorns are sweet.  Use them for backgrounds, alongside the leaves, or down a border.  I might make one of those next time.    I left the salutation blank so I could use it for an occasion when it arises.  Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

perfectly penned, gently falling

See ya later, Carol Smith

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoughts & Prayers

these two are the same style, but from different sets.  The flowered branch looks awesome with the pearls in the centers of the flowers, makes it very dressy.  The other one is from the newest leaf set.  A very seasonal look.  Thanks for looking.  See ya later. Carol Smith

Thoughts & Prayers