Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Petal prints

Isn't this cheery?  Yet another topiary.  This was fun to do.  I cut out the flowers from petal prints and put them on dots to raise them a little, made a pot and added a butterfly.  It just says birthday surprise to me!  Cute, huh?  Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Petal prints, petite pairs

This one was fun to make-  I like the longer cards, they are showy.  I started with an ivy stamp I had of my own, and put petal prints across on top, glittered them, and added a pearl.  Then I punched the top edged and put on a background cardstock.  Gorgeous!  This one will go to a friend.  Hope you like it.  (I do)  Carol Smith
Thank you card, just like the longer one.  Talk to ya later. Carol Smith

He Is Risen!

This is my project for Easter cards for church this year.  The lilies have glitter on them, of course, and the He is risen is embossed in gold.  Just add a punched border.  Thanks for looking. Carol Smith


My pile of Easter cards for church members.  I made 40 of these.  Talk to ya later.. Carol smith

Monday, March 26, 2012

Petal Prints

These turned out beautiful.  Simply stamped, colored, glittered, and the background is embossed.  One is a sympathy card, and the other is just for you.  :)
Thanks for coming by.  Carol Smith
I had to make a bunch of thank you cards for church, so I thought my new set of Petal Prints was just the thing to use. 
Many options in color, arrangement, and details make them so different.  They all have glitter on the daisies, of course.  Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Petal Prints

More of my thank you's.  Thanks for looking. Carol Smith

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Morning Chat Challenge

Happy Easter!  This is what I made for the Sunny morning chat challenge over at Butternut Sage Designs.  Come on over and see what we all made.  I thought it felt like an easter egg hunt with the grass over the eggs.  So cute.  Enjoy.  Carol Smith

Easter bunny cards

Hey ladies, I love this little pink love note.  I think I'll use it for a money gift to somebunny this year!  :)  Thanks for looking. Carol Smith

Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Dies, Flower, Daisies #2

This is a pretty cheery card, I'd say-  it's made with the daisy Big die.  Put 2 of the smallest ones together, and put a brad  or button in the center.  Hope you like it.  Thanks for looking today.  Carol Smith
I think the butterfly makes the card, don't you?  It's so sweet.  And I like to add glitter to almost everything!  Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Love & caring

Just a sympathy card for a woman in our church who lost her husband this week.  Love  and caring to her and her girls.  Carol Smith

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Favors, nature walk

Hi, ladies!  here are the seed packets I said I was making this weekend.  The one kind is from Nature Walk stamp set, and the other one is older, but i don't know the name of it.  Very pretty.  The happiness saying fits right in with the garden theme.  I also put glitter on the flowers and Bee but it's hard to see. Thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

Favors: Seed packets

I made 60 of these little babies!!  They turned out really cute, despite all the efforts of cutting, stamping, and coloring.  She will put seeds in these and place them in a little brown starter pot with some candy.  Cute, huh?  Thanks for visiting.  Carol Smith

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'm at it again!  I call this simply "redware" because it's well, RED...  I had these new stamps already stamped on white cardstock, to I framed it with the matching paper, and colored it in with the cherry cobbler glitter glue.  I added a pin to it and put a salutation above.  So pretty.  Hope you like it.  Carol Smith


I love a glittery look.  This is an old stamp, but it's still a beauty.  After coloring in, I put glitter glue on it.  That made it pop!  More pretty in person than what the camera can show.  Talk to you later. Carol Smith

Bordering on Romance and edgelits

Hi ladies, I had some time this morning, and was sorting through all the little pieces of stuff on my counter, and this is what was born.  The romance stamp is colored, then a little cherry smooch spray on top.  Added the bird, pearls on the flowers, and a bow.  Cheery and pretty, ready for lifting someone's spirits.  Thanks for looking.  Talk to ya later. Carol Smith

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunny morning Chat challenge

Hi ladies, This is what I created for Donna's sunny morning chat challenge at  Come on over, and see all our ideas.  This challenge was to be 2 different greens, or St Patty's day cards.  I cased it from ideas in my card archive. Simple, but cute, and soooo easy! Join in on our chats, and thanks for looking.  Talk to ya later.  Carol Smith

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bridal Shower invitations- Botanicals

This is what was born out of my peabrain for the idea of a Garden Party  bridal shower.  My sister asked me tohelp her out.  These go with her theme of royal blue, chartreuse green, yellow and brown.  I think she will really be pleased . I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I was just busy with these for the last 2 weeks.  It was fun, but I'm glad they're done.  Lots of work- but worth it.  Thanks for looking. Talk to ya later. Carol Smith

inside component

This is the back of the inside component, where the invitation info will go.  Just need to get that and print out on the computer to finish them.  The flower on top will peek out of the seed packet.  It is from the set Flower Fancy.  thanks for looking.  Carol Smith

invitations - Botanicals

I made 60 of these invitations.  They are the outside part, imitating a seed packet.  The invitation goes inside!  Lots and lots of work.  But it's a labor of Love.  It's hard to really see the details. The you're invited is embossed in pewter.  Thanks for lookiing.  carol smith

Thank you cards for Jenny

These turned out pretty cute.  I said I would design a card for my sister's daughter, using her stamp from a while back.  this stamp is from the set called Feathered Friends.  Thanks for looking.  Talk to you later. Carol Smith

bridal shower

I made 50 of these thank you cards.  Wow, lots of steps. thanks for looking.  Carol Smith